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WEBSTAQ6 FEATURED PHOTOS: “What can we see on the road now?” (Category 1 of 4)

When asked what could be seen on the road last week, Instagrammers submitted a wide variety of photos. We noticed a lot of photos with bridges in them. So we decided to dedicate our first category for Websta Question 6 to all the beautiful bridges from around the world! 

Congrats to those who were chosen!

Check the rest of the submissions here!

(The next 3 categories are on their way!)  

What’s this you ask?


  • Answer the question by taking the photo now. Take it any way you want! We’re looking for different kinds of photos! The most interesting and creative ones will be featured here on Blog.Stagram.  
  • Remember to tag it with #WEBSTAQ6.
  • RULES:
    1. No old photos please. 
    2. Photo(s) must be yours.
    3. Only family-friendly photos! 
  • You’ll know it’s over when #WEBSTAQ7 is up!

What’s this you ask?

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