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Have you been tagging people on your Instagrams yet? Here’s how you can tag people on old and new photos! To tag your old photos, visit any photo on your Instagram application. To tag new ones, look out for “Add People” on the SHARE screen, before uploading. 

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Found: Hashtag #thaipusam

Thaipusam, like many Hindu festivals, celebrates the triumph of good over evil. It commemorates the occasion when a Hindu deity, Murugan, was given a divine spear to vanquish evil.

It is also a day when devotees practice penance by carrying ‘kavadi’ in various forms from a pot of milk balanced on their heads to wooden arc structures with multiple body piercings. 

Thaipusam is not only celebrated in Tamil speaking communities in India but also in Malaysia, Mauritius, Myanmar, Thailand and Singapore.

To know more about this cultural celebration, visit this page
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