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WEEKEND WEBSTAPICK: April 12-13, 2014

I love the way it plays with gravity and the composition is absolutely fabulous, with the “jumper” in perfect balance as if he is flying. The light and lines are perfectly tight and I love that making the person faceless puzzles the spectator. Who is he??

@bavnhoj on why she chose @omu_omu's photo (left) for this week's WEEKEND WEBSTAPICK

  • Weekend Webstapicks are special because we give past Webstapick winners a chance to choose a winning entry. 
  • This week’s Guest Picker, Janne Bavnhoe (@bavnhoj), comes from Denmark and is a digital & social media manager at The Association of Folk High Schools.
  • Let’s get to know her more!

More About Our Guest Picker  

We wish we can say that we sat down and had coffee with her, but we’re too far away
so we sent her our interview questions via email. :)

1. What/who inspires you? 

  • When I Instagram with my phone (Samsung s4 and iPhone4), everyday life inspires me.
  • I love finding fun geometry or beauty in ordinary things.

2. What kind of photos/videos do you like to take? 

  • I aim for pictures that capture the soul of the subjects - whether they’re landscapes or people.
  • My absolute favorite is portraits where the subject forgets the pressure from being in front of the camera,
    and then looks through the camera.  
  • I also have a weakness for minimalistic geometry.

3. Do you have any favorite Instagrammers? 

  • National Geographic (@natgeo) is a favorite because they have extremely beautiful pictures.
  • I like @jangrarup not because he is a good Instagrammer but because he is risking his life
    to make the world a better and more peaceful place with his photography. He’s a World Press-winning
    professional photographer and when he shares some of [his] professional work it really is photography
    that makes me think and brings the safe life in Denmark into perspective.

4. Do you have any favorite photo or video editing apps? 

  • VSCO cam is my new favorite. It’s very user-friendly and it’s got a very nice editing tool
    and integration with the web interface.
  • I just downloaded the Final Cut app after using iMovie for film editing.

5. Are you part of any photo community on Instagram? 

  • I’m not yet a part of any Instagram community, but I definitely will be in the future.

While Webstapick winners are chosen across entries with the hashtag #WEBSTAPICK, Guest Pickers are selected by us.
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